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As we come to the end of the 2020 automotive calendar we put together one final weekend to give everyone the excuse to give it a blast before putting the beasts to bed. Due to the current government rules we only had 10 spaces along with 2 staff cars this meant we could split the group into two and control 6 members in each. We started our meet at the Classic Motor Hub.

After a look around the old and new from BMW 2002 to Ferrari F12 we turned the key, warmed up those metal hearts and took to the roads for a blast around the Cotswolds. The little detours took us on the fun roads and avoided the traffic before we rolled into Caffeine & Machine.

Time for a coffee and some fantastic grub at Caffeine & Machine and of course a look around more trouser tent bodywork. Thank you again to the Classic Motor Hub and Caffeine & Machine for letting us come down! Make sure to check them out and make time to pop down!

Classic Motor Hub> CLICK HERE Caffeine & Machine > CLICK HERE

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