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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Last weekend the Redliner's along with a couple of petrol heads got together for one last blast before the bad weather. From AC Cobra's to 911 GTS's there was a great selection of cars which joined us for our meet and drive.

Starting off at the Classic Motor Hub there was no better place to have a coffee and chat around a range of cars from classic's to the latest ferrari's. The Classic Motor Hub stores and sell a range of fantastic cars from all era's providing the perfect space for all types of petrol heads.

After everyone arrived and the bellies were fuelled we left the Classic Motor Hub on a planned route taking in a range of A roads and B roads to Caffeine and Machine allowing everyone to give their cars one last blast.

After an hour and half drive we arrived at Caffeine & Machine for lunch and a look round a different selection of cars. From F8's to SVG's we were delighted to see a glorious range of sports cars, super cars and hyper cars.

Overall a fantastic day with a wide selection of automotive action to leave everyone with some morning glory! Thank you to everyone who joined us and came and said hello!

Roll on 2022!

Luke - Redline 247

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