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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The Lakes Weekender 2022 has been and gone! A fantastic weekender at the end of April in the Langdale Hotel. Three days of fantastic driving roads, two days of brilliant nights stay and two evenings of outstanding food and great hospitality.

From a 600LT to Aston Martin Vantage we had a fancy range of British, German and even a bit of American muscle! Over the three days we had planned roads allowing people to choose to chill and do their own thing or join us for a blast around the Lakes.

On the Friday we met up with a couple of the guys and girls before getting to the hotel for a blast through the lakes taking in some of the twisties before the big days drive on the Saturday. On Saturday we took our drive up and out the lakes up into the Yorkshire Dales (awesome roads) before hooking down into the North Pennies. A range of twisty, narrow, long, tight and interest roads through the day. On Sunday we took south as majority of the guys and girls came through the south making the drive home easier. Along the way we took more great driving roads before stopping off at Clitheroe for a Sunday roast before heading our separate ways home.

A pleasure to have a range of beasts and beauties along with some awesome petrolheads and maybe a few beer heads! We are excited to get back out on our Cheeky weekender in October and Lakes Weekender in 2023! Ready for a weekender? Get in touch today!!

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