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We may not own an R8 ourselves but when someone offers you a seat and a trip down to see the biggest R8 meet in the UK it is hard to say no! A early morning start as we took to the roads and headed over to Northampton to meet like minded R8 owners.

More and more R8's joined us on route and slowly the crowd and convoy got bigger as we headed South. Before we got to Goodwood it was time to meet even more R8's at Farnborough Audi. The vast amount of R8's started to become a little crazy and it was time to head to the final location for one big meet!

As we arrived at Goodwood it was clear how many ponies were there. No Audi R8 isn't not special but within the bunch there were some special treat with 2 of only 10 in the UK Audi Decennium which was crazy. A well organised event and a brilliant turn out

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