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Recently we announced our top 5 roads in the UK and with high demand we are back with our Top 5 European roads you need to drive in 2021. 2020 did not give us many options to take on some great driving so 2021 has a lot to give us and over the last 6 years we have taken on a range of European roads from Stelvio Pass to Transfagarasan Pass and are looking forward to take on more. There are many roads on the bucket list but these 5 roads and passes can be taken with ease or to cloth touching moments.

The next five roads and passes are not in order of choice, we do not want to show favouritism.

Euro tour - 2019

1. Saint Bernard Pass - Italy

Saint Bernard is a little hidden gem near Mont Blanc Tunnel. A pass we took on and concurred on our European Tour 2019. Not know by many St Bernard provides a section of rising and descending twists and hairpins working the car in the way it was built to perform. Make sure to follow the 21 from Liddes then follow the SS27 not the T2 because it is boring and we do not like boring!

The road will continue on the SS27 to Aosta but provides great hairpins, drops and twists like an Italian road roller coaster, be aware however you do cross boarder. We weren’t stopped, just waved through but you could be caught out coming in hot and be told no or pay the price.

If you want to tick this off your 2021 bucket list we will be taking on passes like St Bernard Pass on our Alpine Tour. You can find out more at:

2. N-260 Pyrenees – Spain

The Pyrenees is one fantastic climate to drive in, twists, hairpins, long bends and great views along with fantastic weather. On a test run for our 2021 European Tour we discovered a section of road which is worth the drive along the N-260. This section of road sits between Biescas and Asin de Broto but do not think it finishes there!

This section of road is easy to miss due to it being the longer way, but with the car in sports mode and a few gears dropped you can certainly enjoy the ‘longer drive’. The road rarely becomes straight and the road snakes for miles, winding and twisting through out, they even thrown in a tunnel to give you time to let the beast roar. The road is complimented with a great view for the co-driver but for you as the driver you will not look up regularly because before you know it, there is another bend.

If you want to tick this off your 2021 bucket list we will be taking on the N-260 on our European Tour. You can find out more at:

3. Gotthard Pass – Switzerland

Gotthard Pass has three routes so make sure to pay attention before driving and use pin points on google maps to avoid taking the boring route. The Swiss built a tunnel to minimise the traffic and time on Gotthard Pass which is great for us drivers unless you miss the turning and get caught on the tunnel. They also have an old pass which isn’t as exciting and has areas which need work. But if you take the right path which is easy to follow as long as you miss the tunnel then you will have miles of pleasure.

Long twisty roads which flow out into the open then back into the mountain side give you a range of roads which you can keep the power down through with open side tunnels provide a driving commercial feel as the sunlight flashing through whilst driving up. When you reach the top of the mountain you may think it is all over but that’s not the case down the other side if you come up from Airolo the road becomes twister and more ‘alpine like’ the road isn’t as smooth but still great and the road carves through the mountain side to Hospental.

4.Trollstigen Pass - Norway

Norway is one great beautiful landscape but they also know where to stick a fantastic road. The pass sits deep within the Trollveggen Mountains along the 63. The 63 is a great road but it is the Trollstigen Pass which makes this road amazing. Built on a range of switch backs you can carve your way down the Norwegian mountain face. On google maps the pass looks small but when you take on the Trollstigen Pass you will find out it is not, we took on the Trollstigen Pass back in 2017 on our first European Tour and look forward to heading back again one day.

As mentioned the 63 builds up the tension and setting for the pass and after coming down or up you have the chance to relax once more and the car can becomes balanced once more. But the pass does allow the back end to kick out and keep the power down between bends

5. Passo Gardena – Italy

There is one issue with Passo Gardena and that is the SS243, SS244, SR48 and the SS242 (Passo Gardena). This pass is one of the four sides of Piz Boe Mountain roads and means the main problem is you will have more than one pass to do, a good excuse to say the least. When deep within Bolzano you can find a range of great roads but Passo Gardena is not one to miss. Due to the range of switch backs, hair pins and range of open roads and twisty forest sections provides a great range of driving types through the pass.

Along with the layout of the road the road itself it fantastic to lay down some rubber and if that’s not enough you can enjoy the vast mountain landscape which towers above you. Even on google maps the route is mouth watering but make sure to check the weather, but a layer of snow around you does look exciting.

These are our top driving roads in Europe for 2021, whether it’s a holiday get away, business trip or road trip make sure to take in at least 1 of these roads in 2021. We will be taking in some of these roads in 2021 on our European Tour and Alps with Attitude Tour. If you would like to know more about joining us on our 2021 road trip head to:

Alps with Attitude Tour:

What European roads are your favourite?

Let us know at @redline247 on Instagram

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