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Spring is nearly here and with the recent announcement from big Boris it means we can play with our beasts and beauties once again! With little excuse to get out in 2020 we have been thinking about the best roads in the UK. Unlike Europe we are not blessed with passes such as Furka Pass and the Black Forest. However we do have a couple of great roads to keep the engine running right and an excuse to go for an essential drive to exercise the car or social distance down a mountain pass.

We have put together our top 5 driving roads in the UK for 2021, 5 roads which can be taken with ease or by the whites of your knuckles depending on your mood. These roads aren’t restricted by miles of average speed but we can not promise they are camera free. Like many great roads however these do get a lot of tourist attention around lunchtime and we recommend you take on these roads earlier in the day for true trouser tent action.

The 5 roads we have chosen are not in order of preference but geographic working up the country.

Redline247 - Redline Run 2020

1. A4069 Llangadog to Upper Brynamman (Black Mountain Pass)

Starting off the list we have the A4069 aka Black Mountain Pass in Wales. After Jeremy Clarkson took on the Black Mountain Pass on Top Gear in 2011 it has carried a name ever since. A great stretch of road with twists and long curves as well as tight hairpins throughout the benefit of this road is great clear visibility a head.

Either way is just as great and it does come down to personal preference on which way you want to take the pass. For us we prefer taking the pass south from Llangadog, a steep up climb before a steadier descend looking down the pass with a clear road a head.

2. Crimea Pass - A470 Pentrefelin to Blaenau

Many speak of the Evo triangle in the North of Wales but over the years more restrictions have been put into place due to reckless driving. With a lot of average speed the EVO triangle has lost the hype but just down the road there is a great stretch on the A470 from Pentrefelin to Blaenau. Clear, open road with opportunity to overtake any slow tourist discovering Snowdonia.

Being in the Snowdonia National Park the terrain provides a perfect lay up of bends over a great stretch of miles. On google maps the road does not look very interesting but drop the orange figure on the road and you will understand the true beauty of this road. We prefer the run from Pentrefelin to Blaenau due to the double lanes coming up the hills, making life a little easier.

Along with great roads is a fantastic scenery from crest over the hills to open countryside, it does not get much better than this in the North of Wales.

3. A51 Glossop to Ladybower Reservoir (Snakes Pass)

Snakes Pass is known for being one of the top 10 roads in the UK and it is obvious why. The section of road provides a range of road types from forest to open countryside to canyon driving. Even though it’s only 20 – 30 minutes of road you can experience a lot in a short stretch of road.

We prefer to head from Glossop to Ladybower, you can see more of the road a head coming up the pass and usually find most traffic comes the other way. At the end of the pass is a big lay by which usually has a butty van in so you can pull up and let the engine cool down whilst enjoying a good pair of baps.

4. A82 Fort William to Tyndrum

Scotland has a lot of great driving roads and it is a struggle to pick the best. One of our favourites for 2021 is the A82 from Fort William to Tyndrum very close to the well know of Ben Nevis. From Fort William the road starts off with ease but after passing Glencoe becomes very interesting. With long rises and clear visibility a head you can put the power down with confidence, along with the clear long roads you are complimented with mountain backdrops either side.

After a few miles the road drops away and becomes more technical and twisty changing the driving feel, after the twisty section the road and visibility opens up again and you are greeted with a fantastic view. The road never seems to end and you can enjoy the road for many miles without fear of missing out. We have stated till Tyndrum however the roads continue to be pleasurable after this.

This is one road we will be taking on in 2021 and you can join us! Find out more about our Celtic Run at

5. A894 Kylestome to Ardveck Castle

If you are going really North, proper up North that is you need to check out the A894 in the North of Scotland. Known for the NC500 this is a section of road is not to miss. It is hard to pick a certain section of the NC500 but this is a section that we can not wait to take you on. Whether you drive North or South does not matter as both ways will give you some true stiff haggis. As you probably expect from the North of Scotland the terrain provides climbs and falls with great visibility along with great stretches of road to give you room to enjoy your car.

You can fall into rhythm and it is hard to notice when it comes to an end as the road seems to just go on and on with enjoyment. Along with great twisty roads and clear views you are greeted by Kylesku Bridge braking up the style of road and layout. A fine bridge for sure which breaks up the drive with an opportunity to pull over and let the brakes cool and the engine take a rest.

This is one road we will be taking on in 2021 and you can join us! Find out more about our Celtic Run at

These are our 5 top roads in 2021 and highly recommend an earlier start to the day when driving some of these passes. One of our routine drives is Snake Pass and a 9am run is much more fun than a lunchtime dash.

If you are looking for more we will be making a run or a road trip to all these roads in 2021, whether it is a Sunday drive or on our NC500 Celtic Run. If you want to stay in the know and join us on a supercar road trip make sure to check out

Did we miss out a great road? Let us know at

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