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WINE & DINE 2022

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Last month we took to France for a new tour on the Redline 247 calendar. The Wine & Dine Tour was something new and different to our previous events such as our Euro Tour and Lakes Weekender as this tour focused more on the luxury lifestyle and fine dining elements. Something we always have on our tours however this tour focused more on this and less on the driving.

Our Journey started at the traditional Eurotunnel where like on all tours we use the wide birth carriages so we have no concerns of curbing which is a must on all tours! Before setting off on a little detour through France before ending up in Lilles at a fabulous hotel. This night Redliner's could so what they wanted as it was a pre night and some joined us for dinner whilst others did what they wanted.

After a great pre night everyone was raring to go and ready for the Wine & Dine Tour. First stop, Nantes. A 5 hour drive direct to a fabulous hotel which we would be spending two nights at and enjoying some delicious food in Nantes but also at the hotel.

After the first day at the Chateau in Nantes the second day Redliner's had the choice to enjoy the hotel or enjoy a local wine tasting session at a local vineyard. We choose a less known vineyard to give the experience and understanding of the smaller scale and show what some of the underdogs can do. The tasting went down a treat and w took away 18 bottles of wine which was all fine as we could carry everyones bottles.

The 3 night we dined in the hotel and enjoy a 5 course dinner with wines to compliment each round which went down a treat before enjoying an evening in the bar and ready for an exciting drive to Bordeaux.

On route to Bordeaux we took on some twisty French roads to break up the drive and stopped off in La Rochelle for some lunch. After hitting the road again we arrived in Bordeaux to a fabulous boutique hotel to break up the combination of Chateau's through the tour. That evening we took a short walk to a quirky restaurant in the heart of Bordeaux to enjoy a 3 course dinner complimented with drink allocations included in the Wine & Dine Tour.

From Bordeaux it was time to go more royal again and day four took us to Chambord where we stopped off at a fabulous hotel looking at Chateau De Chambord. We would be stopping off here for two nights and on the first night we enjoyed a 3 course meal on the terrace which the fabulous Chambord as a backdrop.

On day 6 guests had freedom to do what they wanted which led to hiring boats and visiting the Chateau. For welcome drink we did something a little different and took guest to a wine shop where they could taste up to 5 wines in a collection of 52. After wine tasting it was time for dinner and on the second night in Chambord it was time to break up the set menus and allow guest to feast at leisure.

From Chambord we headed to our final night outside of Paris but before we got there we took a detour to a more commercial champagne destination on the outskirts of Epernay. Allowing our guests to enjoy champagne tasting before heading on to the final hotel.

At the final Chateau guest enjoyed a four course menu with a selection of wines and of course a little speech from Redline. A couple of drinks in the bar before calling it a night and letting the road trip blues set in.

A fantastic tour with amazing people, we enjoyed every second and it was great to create something new. We look forward to meeting all the Redliner's once again and bringing the Drive & Dine to 2023.

Want a tease of the Wine & Dine Tour? Check out our teaser video!

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