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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The Alps Tour was new to the Redline calendar, as much as we have driven for years in the Alps we have never done a driver focused tour. This year this tour focused on more of the driving and being in the car instead of the dining experience. Each night we stayed at fabulous hotels and drove on amazing roads but took out some of the hospitality to focus on the driving element.

This July we took 11 supercar on an Alpine Adventure. From DB11's to Lusso's, M3 Comps to Jag SVR's we had a great range of cars as well as a fantastic array of people. The Alps tour started off at the tunnel before heading to our Pre night in the heart of Reims. On route we picked up the petrolheads, through the UK and France.

First night was dine at leisure allowing guests to visit Reims and enjoy dinner at their leisure. After the pre night it was time to leave together and hit the roads to Lyon. Day one was a mile muncher day to get everyone across to the Alpine roads. With a little detour on the way to break up the motorway drive.

On the first night we dined together over looking Lyon. On our Alps tour we structured to dining to allow guests to enjoy the evenings alone or with other petrolheads and only on 3 nights meals were with the who Redline crew. From Lyon we headed onto Morgex which allowed for some twisty roads and shear drops along the way giving everyone a good run.

Montano Lodge saw all the cars together with drivers enjoying a complimentary drink after a great days drive and of course the locals loved the orange lambo out front. For us it was time for pasta as when in Italy it is a must.

From Montano Lodge it was time for more Alpine roads with a day fully rammed with passes and drives through out the day and the odd motorway to let the cars cool down. Today we started in Italy but would be ending up in Val, Switzerland after taking in the Furka Pass and some 007 locations. This evening we dined again together and tucked into a 4 course meal for all.

From Switzerland we look onto Das Central which would take in Stelvio Pass and Tyrol Pass. This would be the longest days drive taking in 3 countries in 7 hours but worth the extra hours even if it was raining coming down Stelvio.

The morning of Das Central it was time for Fancy Dress. Originally it was planned to be earlier in the week but due to highs of 38 each day we waited for a cooler day to allow us to properly enjoy the fancy dress attire. More of a twisty morning before an afternoon direct to Zurich.

From Zurich we took to the black forest through Germany for some last twisty roads before heading onto Thionville to finish a great tour. The last evening all the Redliners were back together to enjoy one final night together. Again enjoying a delicious 3 course meal before enjoying a celebration of the tour and of course awarding 'Spirit of the tour' to big tezza and 'Best fancy dress' to Linda and Darren.

A fabulous week away with an amazing and awesome cars, we cannot wait to take a big bunch of petrolhead nutters away again in 2023! Want a teaser from the Alps Tour? Check out our teaser video:

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