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Last month we set off to Folkestone to finish our trio of 2022 Automotive tours. This would be the biggest tour of the year and in Redline 247 history taking a range of petrolheads on a 9 day tour down to Croatia and back detouring in the Dolomites. As much as we have ventured off as far as Romania this tour would take on more roads, miles and climates than ever both.

Starting off near the end of September meant we still got to enjoy the fabulous European climate before the harsh winters took to the roads. Whilst taking on Europe and enjoying the lovely Croatian and Italian sun we did get a little taste of Switzerland snow for a couple of minutes.

The Euro Tour would see us head from the UK across France taking in a fabulous wine hotel overlooking the French Vineyards in Reims before moving onto Lyon for a night in the city. Giving a blend between relaxing and party life to suit everyones tastes. From Lyon we got a taste of the Alps as we cut through the mountains to get into Italy and enjoy a fabulous evening at the Lingotto Factory and enjoy a walk around the old Fiat testing track.

The morning of Turin meant it was time to spice up the outfits with our dedicated fancy dress day. This years theme would be Italian and Gary & Lisa won best outfit with their Ferrari test dummy which was very fitting due to the car of course.

From Turin the daytime Italians headed onto Lake Garda with a taste of some detours on route to give the ponies under the bonnet a stretch. A fabulous evening at a amazing hotel with a relax atmosphere allowing guests to enjoy another fantastic evening with delicious food and then head back when they pleased.

From the lakes to the coast we took on 3 countries as we headed from Italy down into Slovenia and finished on the coast of Croatia overlooking the bay. Beautiful weather, empty roads and a nice European bum in front and another European face in the rearview mirror. Croatia was the time to park up, relax and top up the tan in style at a fabulous hotel with the beasts and beauties lined up out front.

After Croatia it was time to head back north and on towards the Dolomites first sampling a boutique hotel hidden deep within the Dolomite pass. Some of the most incredible views were taken in on this drive and some very interesting roads and maybe a little bit of Pizza as well.

After the Dolomites it was time to get back in the Alps, unfortunately the storm that had been following us was now in front of us. When we say storm we mean a bloody storm with flashing lights! Flashing likes from the guy up stairs not the blue ones! As much as this did not stop us it took the fun out of some of the roads however this is overcome with a fabulous double night stay at 7132. Again a beautiful hotel designed by a range of architects and offered amazing spa facilities and luxury dining experiences. This double night stay allowed Redliners to relax and recover from the daily drives and get ready for the last stretch to Geneva, as well as enjoy two different dining experience from a relaxed night tapas style to a high end 3 course meal night.

After 7132 it was time for the final push onto Geneva hotel. We picked Geneva as a final location due to flights and transporter options but also allows people to drive home without any silly distances. Due to the weather one pass we had planned has been closed so we took a more direct route in the morning allowing to enjoy more time at the hotel and get ready for one amazing evening! After everyone arrived and the last bottle was poured at the table it was time to celebrate a fabulous week and away Andy & Jan Spirit of the tour and Gary & Lisa fancy dress award.

An awesome bunch of petrolheads who were a pleasure to enjoy the week with. If you want to find out more about what went down check out our Youtube video.

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